Financial Assistance

In order to serve individuals better and more thoroughly, Hope Church partners with several organizations throughout our city. Because of their ability to adequately address various types of needs, these organizations are great partners and resources, both to us as a local church and to individuals throughout our city. Partnering with these organizations has allowed us to help more individuals, more thoroughly. If you have an immediate need, we ask that you first contact one of the organizations listed below for assistance. They have the ability to provide you with the best possible assistance.

One Door
Phone: 417-225-7499
Address: 420 E Pacific St
Area of Expertise: One Door is a resource that is connected with a wide available resources in the area and specializes in connecting people to the places can help them with their needs.

Victory Mission
Phone: 417-831-6387
Address: 200 West Commercial St
Area of Expertise: Victory Mission is a ministry that provides shelter and meals for men and women in need.

Salvation Army
Phone: 417-862-5509
Address: 1707 West Chestnut Expressway
Area of Expertise: The Salvation Army specializes in providing a wide variety of valuable resources for those in need.

OACAC – Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation
Phone: 417-862-4314
Area of Expertise: OACAC specializes in enabling individuals in need opportunities to get utilities turned back on.

Missouri Hotel
Phone: 417-837-1540
Address: 420 East Commercial St
Area of Expertise: The Missouri Hotel specializes in providing strategic plans for temporary living quarters for individuals in need.

The Kitchen
Phone: 417-837-1500
Address: 421 East Blaine St
Area of Expertise: The Annex Food Warehouse provides meals and grocery items for individuals and families in Springfield.