Meet the Staff

  • Pastor Gary Hay

    Gary Hay

    Senior Pastor

    The last thing I ever envisioned would have been doing what I do today. Yet, one encounter with God changes everything. I am persuaded that the unfolding revelation of who He is will fascinate us for the rest of our days and beyond. I want to teach, equip and lead as many people as possible, here and abroad, to know, to love and to serve the Lord and those for whom He died.

  • Pastor Josh Thompson

    Josh Thompson

    Associate & Worship Pastor

    I am a husband of one fiery red head, father of 3 beautiful red-headed girls, love God, love hanging with people, and absolutely love to drink coffee and read! I lead worship, speak, lead the young married community, lots of leadership stuff and do even more behind the scenes.

  • Pastor Charity Herrmann

    Charity Herrmann

    Creative Arts / Administrative Pastor

    I love Jesus, my amazing husband, my beautiful daughters, a close community of family and friends, a strong cup of coffee, a well-crafted song and a good laughing fit. At Hope, I oversee the Forty5 (our monthly worship and prayer gathering), our growing creative community, the general work flow in the office and lead worship.

  • Pastor Kristi Thompson

    Kristi Thompson

    Womens Pastor

    I have an amazing husband, 3 beautiful kids and I get to do life with a lot of great people. My desire is that every woman is able to be a part of encountering God, no matter what season they are in. Whole, healthy and free.

  • Pastor Aaron Edwards

    Aaron Edwards

    Student Pastor

    I am married to my best friend, love hanging out and meeting new friends.  I consider myself a food and coffee connoisseur and love sports and outdoor adventures.  I oversee the student ministry and am passionate about building the next generation as sold-out followers of Christ.

  • Tim Burgio

    Tim Burgio

    Associate Student Pastor

    My heart and dream is to see each student find their true calling by focusing their hearts on seeking the Father through prayer and relationship.  As one of the Student Pastors,  I have the privilege to connect with students and parents each week and encourage growth by focusing on opportunities that are available for everyone that walks through our doors. “WE ARE HERE TO REPLACE EARTHLY CULTURE WITH KINGDOM CULTURE”.

  • Pastor Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson

    Children’s Ministry Pastor

    My relationship with Jesus has revolutionized my life and my heart’s desire to help others, especially kids, experience the true joy which only comes from knowing and following Him. I strive everyday to facilitate and empower kids and families to develop lifelong relationship with Christ. At Hope, I lead and oversee our children’s ministry from birth through 5th grade.

  • Vickie Melton

    Vickie Melton

    Early Childhood Director

    I am a wife and mother who values my family and my faith. My desire is to see my own children and the children of Hope be all that God has called them to be. At Hope, I oversee infant – 5 year old ministries along with an amazing team of people who are committed to sharing the love of God with your child.

  • Pastor Brandon Cottey

    Brandon Cottey

    Communication Pastor

    My job is to effectively communicate with our church family and our city everything that is happening at Hope Church. Doing my job well means every time you see, or come in contact with anything associated with Hope Church, you’ll be able to see the heart of this church. People passionately in love with Jesus.

  • Cheree Whaley

    Cheree Whaley

    Director of Local Outreach

    I have many titles (wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, social worker), but my favorite is beloved. I am loved by my Father and all of my relationships flow from that love relationship. In my spare time, I love to read and spend time outdoors with my family, especially hiking. I love to show the love of Jesus to those around me and as an old youth pastor used to say “Be Jesus with skin on” to the people around me. Through my role as the Director of Outreach, I help to provide the church body at Hope the opportunity to reach outside the four walls of the church and show the love of Jesus through service to those in need. I believe “He has sent us to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners.” Isaiah 61:1

  • Gina Phillips

    Gina Phillips

    Director of Hope Intro/Life Groups

    Helping people get connected and find their place in the body of Christ is one of the best parts of my job at Hope. I work primarily with our Life Groups, Hope Intro, and Hope Roots classes but also help with various activities and events throughout the year.

  • Tyler Batten

    Tyler Batten

    Associate Worship Pastor

    I am a musician who loves the Gospel, my wife Kinsey, family, friends, adventure, and food. I love the community of Hope Church and I do anything and everything I can to make Hope a place where people can experience the transforming Power of our Heavenly Father.
    Ephesians 4:4-7

  • Andrea Barber

    Andrea Barber

    Administrative Assistant/Guest Services

    I moved to Springfield in 2011 and knew Hope was home as soon as I stepped in the doors. I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me this awesome church family while living so far from home.
    My role at Hope is leading our Guest Services team at the front desk.
    I am anchored in the truth that God is faithful and can be trusted. It is my passion that all would know that there is true joy and hope found in Him.

  • Conrad Brown

    Conrad Brown

    Facilities Manager

    I’m married to my best friend and am challenged daily to be a better man for her, my family, and those I am around daily. Our heart’s cry is to see the atmosphere of Heaven as a reality in every area of our life. I desire to adore and serve Jesus with all I have to give through worship and intercession. What do I do at Hope? I oversee the general maintenance throughout the campus so that every day can truly be a place of refuge and HOPE for every person.

  • Maggie Brookman

    Maggie Brookman

    Business Manager

    I value my family and friendships. At Hope, I handle Human Resources and all things financial.

  • Margie Bartlett

    Margie Bartlett

    Hospitality Coordinator

    I am a part of the body that is the bride of Christ. I love being a wife, mom, grandma and value my relationships both new and old.
    At Hope, I cook and serve the Wednesday night meal, banquets, meetings and home delivered meals for those needing that service.

  • Melissa Williams

    Melissa Williams

    Service Coordinator

    I am happily married to my better half and we have three amazing, beautiful children. We have attended Hope for over ten years and have been volunteering in the Prekids area for the last two years. I love seeing your children grow, thrive and develop their own relationship with Jesus!

  • Sable Foster

    Sable Foster

    Service Coordinator

    Being born and raised in the mountains of Alaska, I never thought I would find myself in the middle of the “lower 48” in the Ozark Mountains. Thankfully, God’s plan is better than mine, and I would not want to be anywhere else. My husband, Jordan and I have been blessed with three children: Daniel, Daisy, and David.  Jordan and I were newlyweds when we started attending Hope Church and we are so thankful that the Lord called us here to build a solid foundation.

  • Greta Jantz

    Greta Jantz

    Kidcare Coordinator

    I was fortunate to marry my best friend, Ben. We have four amazing, occasionally ornery, children. I have been blessed to be able to stay at home with our youngest little girl until she starts school. I love working with the kids at Hope. Their honesty and individual personalities makes every day interesting, fun, and memorable. I’m so thankful for what he has done, is doing, and what’s to come. God is good!