If you’re thinking about visiting Hope, come on! We’d love to get the chance to know you! When you come, make sure to stop by the service desk in the foyer. If you need help or have questions, ask a member of our service staff. You’ll be able to identify them by the Guest Services name tags they’ll be wearing. If you have children, we’re sure they’ll enjoy hanging out at Prekids, our birth to 5 year old ministry, or Ekids, our 1st to 5th grade ministry. We really do believe that children are never too young to experience the love of God, and that’s why we aim at providing experiential moments for children of all ages.

Our services, like most of what we do, exist for the purpose of encouraging and empowering individuals. We want every individual to experience the presence of God, because we know that one encounter with Him can change everything! If you really want to find out what we’re all about, then get in to Hope Roots, our discipleship course that covers everything from what we believe to how we walk out our faith. If you’ve ever wanted in-depth and practical teaching that will challenge and move you forward, this is it. This is also a great way to begin to meet other individuals at Hope. Want to find out more?

Feel free to check out our podcast. More than anything, though, come worship with us. We’d love to see you! If you have any questions at all or need prayer, pleaselet us know.