Hope has some great opportunities for your family if you have children or teenagers. During services, our family workers do more than just watch kids. Kids are engaged in fun and nurturing environments where they get the chance to wrap their minds around the love of God. We treat every moment as an opportunity to intentionally instill the truth of God and His love into every child we have in our care. We want to come alongside parents in providing a strong spiritual beginning for their children, so we work hard to provide resources along the way that can help parents lead children as we all pursue God.

Prekids is a ministry that offers specialized and age appropriate teaching and care for children 5 years old and under. This ministry is filled with incredible volunteers who work with kids to help them grasp the very basic truth of God and His love.
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Ekids is a high impact, and fun ministry time for kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Practical lessons are used to establish qualities that every parent wishes to see in their child. Significant time is spent both in large group and small group environments. This helps to provide opportunities for kids to experience God in a variety of ways.
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The Factory is built to give junior high and senior high students an opportunity to engage their faith. This ministry is highly relational and allows students to develop incredibly strong lives in Christ through powerful experiences and shared commitment.
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