How to Check-In:

At Hope, we are dedicated to ministering to families. In order to make our ministry areas for children and youth more secure and more accountable, we use an electronic check-in system. Before you drop your child off at his or her classroom, we’ll need to get a few items of information from you so that we can insure your child’s safety while in our care. Here’s how it works…

  • Registration
    First, register with one of our staff at the Service Desk in the foyer. You’ll be given a name tag for your child and two receipts for pick-up at the end of service. If your child has allergies or special needs, make sure to let us know so that we can provide the best possible care for him or her.

  • Drop-off
    Second, bring your child to his or her room and leave them with our trained personnel.

  • Pick-up
    After service, proceed to your child’s room. Present your receipt and our trained personnel will retrieve your child. If you lose your receipt, don’t worry. Simply visit the Service Desk in the foyer. We’ll verify your identity and give you a pass which will allow you to pick up your child.