Before you check-in your child on your own, you need to first register. Once you’ve completed registration at one of our manned stations, you may check in on your own each time you return for service. All you need is the Hope key tag, which you received during registration. Here’s how it works…

  • Scan your key tag
    Approach one of our check-in stations and scan your Hope key tag by placing it horizontally, barcode up, beneath the scanner. Once your tag is read, a screen will appear displaying all of the names associated with your household.

  • Make your selections
    Simply select all who are present and will be attending services that day. After you’ve made your selections, press “Done.”

  • Name tags and receipts
    Nametags and receipts will print for all the individuals you selected. Place the nametag on the appropriate child, and keep the receipts in a safe place on your person.

  • Drop-off
    When you’ve completed these steps, take each child to his or her classroom or service area and place them in the care of one of our trained volunteers. It’s as simple as that. After you registered your child, you can check-in on your own at any of our check-in stations in the building. Make sure you hold on to your Hope Church key tag-it’s what makes this process happen.