Music from Hope Church

We’re blessed to have dozens of incredibly talented musicians, artists, singers and songwriters call Hope their home church. If you’re looking for great music that is driven by passionate love for Jesus, you’re at the right place! Take a listen and download music from these albums!

  • Click to hear Victory Song on iTunes

    Victory Song EP – Available on iTunes

    Victory Song

    Victory Song is the first in a collection of worship EPs Charity Herrmann. It features 4 original songs written by Charity and several other writers from Hope. The title track was written during a season when one of our church families was going through a life or death situation and proclaims the truth of who we are in Christ in the middle of any circumstance.
  • Click to hear Night Song on iTunes

    Night Song CD – Available on iTunes

    Night Song

    This unique album is the culmination of 9 artists’ commitment to hope during difficult times. Combining instrumental and vocal works, this collection of music builds a slow and steady resolve. As you listen to these songs, let truth overcome lies and peace wash over anxiety.
  • Click to hear Make Me Ready on iTunes

    Make Me Ready CD – Available on iTunes

    Make Me Ready

    Make Me Ready was captured live during two nights of worship in 2007 at Hope Church. This recording is full of songs written by several worship leaders, each with their own unique style.
  • Click to hear Diary of a Traveler on iTunes

    Diary of a Traveler CD – Available on iTunes

    Diary of a Traveler

    Charity Herrmann weaves a musical tale spanning many musical genres and emotional themes to tell the story and process of life. Written and compiled over a period of 6 years, these tracks evoke a full bouquet of adventure, covering good and bad days, belief and doubt, joy and tears and tragedy and triumph.