What we’re learning…

Sunday Classes

Every Sunday morning at 8:30am, elementary-aged kids learn about God in classes designed just for them. Check out what your child is learning right now…

  • Kindergarten

    – Meeting the Witnesses –

    Kindergartners will meet more than 48 different Bible personalities as they discover that Jesus is the special Hero who fulfilled God’s plan to rescue them from sin.

  • First Grade

    – Discovering God’s Greatness –

    This year, your child will learn about God: as the Lord of heaven and earth. Kids will experience God’s view of family, work, worship, and community. They’ll get the chance to “join” a Bible-times family and discover what living in God’s world was like 2,000 years ago!

  • Second Grade

    – Treasuring the Bible –

    Your child will embrace the Bible as God’s inspired and authoritative message for everyone. Kids will cultivate a deep appreciation for the richness and power of Scripture; and the Bible will become their lifelong companion. They learn to depend on the rock-solid Bible for God’s guidance!

  • Third Grade

    – Treasuring the King –

    This year, your child will affirm Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord over all. Kids will explore every event in the Gospels: Jesus’ messages, miracles, passion, and triumphant resurrection. They’ll get to “travel” in the Holy Land alongside the Man who changed the course of human history!

  • Fourth Grade

    – Transforming the World –

    This year, your child will encounter the Church—as God’s instrument to influence the future. Kids will experience the Book of Acts and relive episodes of Christians who revolutionized the first century. They then are prepared to transform the twenty-first century with the Good News about Jesus!

  • Fifth Grade

    – Pursuing the Truth –

    This year, your child will be introduced to hearing the voice of God for themselves. Kids will get the chance to dive deep into scripture, beginning with the book of Luke, in both reading and prayer. Throughout the year, they are challenged to move from attendance to participation, and are encouraged to strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

Sunday Service

Kids Carry the Kingdom

Kids Carrying the Kingdom is a 13 week adventure in Ekids discovering how we can bring the kingdom of heaven here to earth. Each Sunday morning, during our 10:30 service, we cover many different aspects of our relationship with God and how we are called to go on a “Royal Mission” with Him. Each service is packed with powerful lessons, great drama skits, awesome puppet shows, and fun games!

Wednesday Service

the Story

We are really excited about “The Story”! Each Wednesday at 7pm, kids will take another step through a chronological journey of the entire Bible. At the end of the night, we send home a weekly overview so parents can follow along and drive home the points each week. Wednesday nights are filled with interactive exploring of The Word, creative crafts, snacks, and awesome games. We’re excited to see what God reveals to kids!