The Forty5 this month…

This month’s forty5 begins on Friday, April 20th at 9am in the Student Center and continues through Sunday, April 22nd at 6am.  Check out the list of prayer focuses below to know what will be going on during each set.

This month’s schedule…

Friday, April 20, 9am-10am
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader:  Vivian Buynak
Focus:  Devotional


Friday, April 20, 10am-12pm
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Pastor Charity Herrmann, Rebekah Eddings, Mary Crace
Focus: Women’s Intercession

Friday, April 20, 12pm-2pm
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Phyllis Cron
Focus: Devotional


Friday, April 20, 2pm-4pm
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Leslie Wilcockson

Friday, April 20, 4pm-6pm
Prayer Leaders: City-wide prayer
Worship Leader: Dayspring

Friday, April 20, 6pm-8pm
Prayer Leaders: Brandon Cottey
Worship Leader: Kayla Cottey

Friday, April 20, 8pm-10pm
Prayer Leader: Drew Mulder
Worship Leader: Conrad and Lauren Brown
Focus: NightLight ministry & trafficking

Friday, April 20, 10pm -12am
Prayer Leader: Andy Brodrick
Worship Leader: Nathaniel Johns

Saturday, April 21, 12am-2am
Prayer Leader: Chris Oldham
Worship Leader: Wes Oldham

Saturday, April 21, 2am-4am
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Nathan Boaldin

Saturday, April 21, 4am-6am
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader:  Michael & Grace Finch

Saturday, April 21, 6am-8am
Prayer Leader: Laura Ernce
Worship Leader: Stephen Edmonds
Focus: Prodigals

Saturday, April 21, 8am-10am
Prayer Leader: Andrea Childs
Worship Leader: Corey Childs

Saturday, April 21, 10am-11am
Prayer Leaders: Stacie Agee
Worship Leader: Rachael Shreve, Baylie Wintle

Saturday, April 21, 11am-12pm
Prayer Leaders:
Worship Leader: Sarah McAnulty

Saturday, April 21, 12pm-2pm
Prayer Leader: Scott Warren
Worship Leader: Joey Haddinger, Becca Weisenbarger

Saturday, April 21, 2pm-3pm
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Nick Metz and Rachel Parr

Saturday, April 21, 3pm-4pm
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Jon Armont

Saturday, April 21, 4pm-6pm
Prayer Leader: Joe Bird
Worship Leader: Arise Band
Focus: Adoration

Saturday, April 21, 6pm-8pm
Prayer Leader: Tim Burgio
Worship Leader: Caleb & Ciera Agee
Focus: Healing & Prophecy Rooms during this set

Saturday, April 21, 8pm-10pm
Prayer Leader: Don Johnson
Worship Leader: Kenny and Crystal Wade

Saturday, April 21, 10pm-12pm
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Brittany Bradford, Kim Keller

Saturday, April 22, 12am-2am
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: McKenzie Lewis, Amber Blaylock

Sunday, April 22, 2am-4am
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Josh Lenz
Focus:  Devotional

Sunday, April 22, 4am-6am
Prayer Leader:
Worship Leader: Mark Lombardo
Focus:  Devotional