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Our Story

In the fall of 1993, five families came together to establish Hope Church. Within two years, the 17.1 acres Hope occupies today was purchased with cash donated by our young, willing congregation. In 1997, we took another huge step of faith and built our current facilities. The most recent addition was accomplished just over three years later when the student center was added. The Hope Church family owes a huge debt of gratitude to many courageous people – people just like us, who looked into the future by faith and stepped up to the challenge, over and over.

Our Story - Hope Church History

There’s More

As we enter 2015, we have used our present facilities to their maximum potential. The question before all of us today is, “How will we steward the future?” We can simply enjoy what has been passed down to us and live within our present limitations, or we can rise to the challenge we collectively feel in hearts: THERE IS MORE!
We believe there is more we can do to reach, serve, and see the Kingdom of God expand here at home and around the globe! We are committing to partner with the Lord in fulfilling His call for us as individuals and as a growing family. Every generation faces decisions that determine the future. For us, that decision is now!
The time has come to boldly answer God’s call to prepare for greater impact. Our influence goes beyond merely expanding facilities, programs, and projects. It is, and always has been, about impacting people—people in our neighborhoods, our city, and around our world. God has called each of us to reach and disciple as many people as possible, in every area of our lives He has given us to occupy.
As we enter a new season together, let’s look deep within and focus our hearts and resources to engage this opportunity: to see and accomplish more!


As our church family continues to grow, our facilities are in greater demand. Over the next two years, our children’s ministry, educational areas, gathering spaces & overflow capabilities will receive a much-needed expansion.

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We’re positioning ourselves to reach more individuals during our services, online and around our region. As we move forward, we’re investing in relationships and technology infrastructure, allowing us to take full advantage of our facilities and impact as many people as possible.

Reaching more during service
During Service

Increasing our overflow seating will allow us to comfortably host more people each service and during special events.

Reaching More Online

We’re increasing our presence online and through digital media to minister to more people in more places than ever before.

Reaching More in our region
Around Our Region

Our plans include supporting and strengthening the network of churches in our city and exploring the addition of remote site church plants.


Missional work has always been close to our hearts. Through the years, we’ve committed to sending out missionaries and helping launch ministries, both locally and abroad. We’ve joined with organizations around the world to feed the poor, care for orphans, provide medical care for the needy and reach thousands with the Gospel. Now more than ever, we want to see the Kingdom of God expand.

Local Supported Ministries

Global Supported Ministries

Global Supported Ministries

How we go forward:

“One Fund”

As we enter one of the most important times in our history, we are focusing our resources to strategically achieve more. Simply put, the “One Fund” is our practical response to the vision God has set before us.

Beyond the missional and benevolent aspects of our church giving, the “One Fund” includes necessary operating costs to finance facilities, staffing, insurances, equipment, maintenance, taxes, and utilities. The “One Fund” gives a complete picture of what it takes to fully support our mission.

Clearly, we can only make this leap as one body, united in heart and purpose. It’s time to join together as we pursue God’s call for our family, our church and our world.

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We can do this.

Making a regular commitment adds up over time. No matter what your income level is, you can make an incredible difference when you join with those around you.

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Your commitment includes everything you may normally give, plus any additional amount you feel God may be inviting you to give. Wherever you are financially, make a commitment to be part of seeing the vision fulfilled!

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As we work together to see and accomplish more, incredible things will happen. Ask God what He would invite you to commit to, then fill out the form below.

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