We The Factory – Everyone Belongs

listen now Pastor Justin Chandler 2012-05-09

Pastor Justin begins our new series We The Factory: A Series About Our Core Values. As we anticipate what God has planned for the summer, it’s important to know who we are and what is important to us.

Tonight, we begin with Everyone Belongs. When you look at the life of Jesus, no was excluded from his company. In fact, He often chose those who we would least expect. If it is true of Jesus, as His Church, it must be true of us. And if Everyone Belongs, then it’s on us to Help The Connect.

Luke 2:8-20; Luke 5:27;32; Mark 3:1-6; Luke 8:40-56; Luke 13:10-17; Luke 14:1-6; Luke 18:35-43; Luke 19:1-10; Acts 17:24-27; Luke 8:1-3

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