Churchwide Fast

Prayer and Fasting is a significant part of Hope Church’s culture. We believe that as we humbly seek God by way of making space, quieting down, and pursuing higher levels of breakthrough we not only fine-tune our ear to Heaven but we increase our intimacy with Jesus.

We invite you to participate in our upcoming annual church-wide fast, beginning on January 7th. As a church body we will be devoting 21 days  to posture and prepare ourselves to pursue the lord with a unified focus—to set our eyes on what God desires to do in our lives and corporately as a body in 2024. 

Whether you’re familiar with fasting or not, your participation in this church-wide call to fast will have a real impact on this upcoming new year. You can visit our website or stop by the Guest Desk for details on ways to fast and how you can participate. Let’s be expectant for God to powerfully release His Kingdom in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Learn ways to fast at and to download the 21 day devotional. 
Megan Hadinger