Rediscovering Sacred Intimacy: Worship, Communion, & Prayer Equipping Series

Three intimate components are at the center of our relationship with God. Worship, communion, and prayer. However, in our busy lives, these sacred practices can begin to feel mundane and lose their spiritual vitality. The familiarity we have with them can sometimes dilute the beauty and influence that they hold.
We are beginning a meaningful journey on Wednesday Nights in February to rediscover the sacredness of our spiritual beliefs. We feel the call of the Holy Spirit, inviting us to a greater depth of our intimacy with God – to move beyond mere singing and rediscover the intimacy of simple worship, to go beyond the symbolic routine and rediscover communion as a moment of profound sacredness, and to transform prayer from a mere obligation into a continuous conversation with our Creator.

The following Wednesday Nights we will be covering:

  • Worship—a place where we’ve met God tangibly, received direction, and found indescribable peace.  Individually, it has molded us. Corporately, it has “unveiled” a glimpse of the heavenly chorus described in Revelation…a multitude in awe, declaring the holiness of the Lamb.

  • Communion—more than just a ritual. It is a sacred moment where we can unite with Christ and experience His presence in a powerful way. It is an invitation to a sacred connection that is both intimate and profound.
  • Prayer—more than just a routine; it is a way to connect with God on a deeper level. There is an encounter with God that is waiting to be released through this place of connection.
This journey is not just about learning information; it is about transforming our hearts and creating a space where God can meet us. We will worship, take communion, and pray together in a way that is not just an exercise but an experience of encountering God.
Misty Lokovich