Ministries at Hope

At Hope, we’re entirely invested in making sure that individuals are constantly being encouraged and empowered. Every ministry is aimed at strengthening people’s pursuit of God. They are essential tools that help us reach individuals, cities, and nations with the love and goodness of God. Each ministry may have it’s own language or style, but in the end, we’re all here for the same purpose: to enable people to be transformed by God and in turn, see them transform the world around them. Check out the different parts of our community.  We would love to see you plugged in.

  • Prekids
    Birth to 5 years old

  • Hope Kids
    Kindergarten to 5th Grade

  • Hope Student Ministries
    Middle and High School Students

  • The Forty5
    Prayer & Worship Weekends

  • Hope Intro
    The On-Ramp To Hope

  • Life Groups
    Embrace Life. Together

  • Hope Roots
    Multi-faceted Discipleship

  • Spirit Life
    Sunday morning class at Hope